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The Importance of Rest Days

Look, sis, I get it. I hate rest days, too. I feel like I'm losing an opportunity to make progress. 😩

But here's the deal - if your muscles aren't given the proper time to recover, you're actually wasting your energy in the gym and are putting additional excess stress on your body which will affect your ability to gain muscle mass, negatively affect your energy levels, affect your endurance, hurt your hormones, alter your appetite and cause your body to retain water.😖

Your muscles need just as much time to rest and recover as they do to build. They literally CANNOT grow unless they're given the proper time to heal and rebuild themselves. This can also be a big reason why you may not be seeing the progress you're looking for.

I recommend at least one full rest day a week. This is a good amount of time for your muscles to rebuild and be ready for another killer session (especially if you're training with me 😉)

With our current Pumpkin Glutes & Shoulders programming, my team has been taking full rest days on Sundays, which also aligns with "Set Up Sunday" in our FREE private Fitness Community where we prep foods & grocery shop to set ourselves up for success for the upcoming week! Start viewing your rest days as essential for progress, opportunities to improve yourself outside of the gym and implement some self-care - use your "extra time" on your rest days wisely and continue to move yourself forward. 💃🏼


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