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How to Hit Your Daily Protein Goal

It’s the first week of our challenge! And after going through the first week’s check ins, I want to touch on a common topic – hitting our protein goals! This is such a common struggle for so many people starting out and even can be difficult for clients who aren’t new, too!

I get this question a lot, and while it might seem difficult at first, don’t worry because it’s totally doable!!


If you’ve been on my team for any length of time or in my Facebook group, you’ve probably heard me say that preparation is key! Eric and I will either buy pre-cooked grilled chicken slices, pre-cooked turkey breast, a rotisserie chicken OR we will make proteins on the weekends that will last us throughout the week: chicken in the crockpot or on the grill, or extra lean beef or lean ground turkey are also great options! We then use these meats all week with different meals.

Once you have these protein sources ready and prepped, it makes planning your meals around these meats way easier, too! Keep protein as your top priority every time you prep food or go to eat a meal! I also like snacks like Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, Level-1 bars, light string cheese, and turkey jerky!

Once you get your protein where it should be, your carbs and fats will start to fall in line a bit more, too. If I can give you ONE tip on this topic, it is to take the time to meal prep!


Tired of chicken breast? It’s probably because you eat it everyday. I hear you and I feel you on this, so make sure you are mixing it up! Alternate protein sources each week, prepare more than one kind or at the very least make sure you are preparing it differently so that you don’t feel like you are eating the same type of meal every time! For example, if we only prep one protein source for the week, then we will alternate weeks – so week 1 might be chicken breast for wraps, soup, salad, chicken & veggies etc. Then week 2 might be lean ground turkey for tacos, taco salad, turkey & cheese pasta etc!


This is a huge tip I have given to lots of people – but I especially find it helpful if you are struggling to hit your protein! Either the night before or first thing in the morning, log the meals (or at the very least, the amount and type of protein source) you will have at each meal. By doing this, you KNOW you are on track to hit your macros for the day, your tracking is down and doing this long term you know you will be hitting your protein & macros and will lead you to long-term success!

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions in our private Facebook group! That is exactly why we have it! I want you all to get answers to your questions, feel confident in your choices and to SUCCEED!



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