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Protein Mug Cake

Who else is a huge snacker?! 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

I also have a raging sweet tooth, so that paired with being a huge snacker is notttt a good combo😅⁣

HOWEVER, I recently perfected my protein mug cake recipe and I actually CRAVE this every single night lmao😛 It’s literally one of the first things I log in my macros (after the post workout stack!) every single day because I KNOW I want to fit it in my macros – it helps curb my sweet tooth AND helps me hit my protein goal! WIN WIN💃🏼⁣

Whenever I post it on my story, I get 1780 questions about how I make it sooo here we go! 🤩⁣

👉🏻1 scoop ice cream sandwich Level-1 – you can use another flavor, but I LOVEEEE this one

👉🏻1 tbsp black cocoa powder – you can also use regular cocoa powder, but this stuff is fire it’s legit what they use to make oreos ⁣😛

👉🏻1/2 serving sugar free chocolate pudding mix⁣

👉🏻Dash of baking powder⁣

Mix all of the dry ingredients really well so there’s no clumps then slowly add water and mix until you get a consistency like brownie batter! Microwave for 30-45 sec depending on your microwave. V IMPORTANT: do not overcook it! I personally undercook it a bit to keep it gooey😍

Then I finish it off with sprinkles and whip bc life is too short not to! 🤪⁣

Next time your sweet tooth is raging or you’re under on your protein, make yourself a mug cake & thank me later!!


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