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MAY Challenge: Entry Details & MORE!

It's officiallyyyy MAY!🤩 My favoriteeee month (my birthday month, hehe 🥳) and sooo many of you have been talking about wanting to get in your groooooove before summer hits so that is what this month's challenge is focused on!

A new month means a new workout split for our gym/home strength gals, new monthly challenges, and new habit trackers!! I LOVEEE seeing all your tags on Facebook and IG and keeping up with your progress and habits throughout the month when you tag me!!🥹 The tags on the workout calendars in your FB/IG stories help me see how you guys were doing & I know a bunch of you guys love seeing them completed to help hold yourself accountable💓

This month, we're POPPING OFFFFFF! 🤘These are the SAME habits you hear me talk about constantlyyyy but we're putting some prizes behind them to help really drive them home & add some incentive to completing them😜

For this month's habits, we're focusing on:

  • 30 min movement DAILY (yes your workouts count, weekends could be a walk, bike ride etc!)

  • Tracking your food DAILY (does not need to be perfect, but we're building a habit for the month!)

  • Water goal (personalized & will be assigned to you with your habits!)

Think of these habit tasks as "points" - every point is an entry into the prize for the month! Plus EVERYONE who scores all 78 points (3 points/day x 26 days (May 8-June 2)) will earn a BLACKOUT & get a prize from me!! To be eligible for the BLACKOUT, you MUST complete all 20 H2FITCO plan workouts during this time as well (can be home strength, gym strength, Jumpstart or POWER30. Deep Core program workouts are an "add on" and do not count as a complete workout for the day). If you miss a workout on its scheduled day, you can make it up on a different day throughout the month, however please refrain from completing multiple workouts on a day, as we are working to build the habit of movement into your schedule regularly!) Your movement on days you aren't completing an app workout should be something you're doing to intentionally MOVE - not something you already were doing like mow the lawn, going to the zoo INTENTIONAL! If you have to ask if it counts then the answer is no🤪

You can sign up now through May 8th, and we will be adding the habits to your calendar for the FIRST DAY of the challenge, which is 5/8!

How do I enter the challenge?

Fill out THIS CHALLENGE ENTRY FORM to let us know you are IN on this month's challenge! The entry form must be submitted by 11:59 pm central on Monday, May 8th, to be eligible for the challenge!

Submitting that form is your entry ticket into the challenge! So don’t forget to do it!!! :)

What IS this challenge exactly?

Our monthly challenge series are meant to hold you accountable and keep you excited & motivated to create the best version of you! My vision is that these monthly challenges will help you feel your best both mentally & physically, while also pushing you to achieve more than you thought you could within a month. Because together, with the support and encouragement of one another, we achieve more than on our own!

The challenge consists of daily gratitude and an affirmation! You will submit your form

We’ll also be setting a Book of the Month so that all of us can read a fun book together, too if you are interested!!

For the challenges, book of the month, and daily habit trackers, go to the @h2fitco Instagram Page on May 1 & check for the ‘May’ highlight!!

How will the winner be picked?

This isn’t a challenge of who can lose the most weight or have the biggest physical transformation. This is a challenge of who is sticking to their habits, their workouts, fostering an EMPOWERED community & embodying everything we represent at H2FITCO.

Our challenge winner will be someone who stays consistent with their habits, or giving themselves grace when they aren’t. They fuel their body with nutrient dense foods that they love, while still enjoying their favorite "fun" foods in moderation (because we don’t believe in all or nothing!). They’re setting realistic goals for themselves, and celebrating every small win that brings them closer to reaching them. They’re pouring into their own cup daily & motivating others…becoming an empowered woman who empowers other women (because it’s the H2FITCO way!).

So, how do we know who that person is? 1) I read your entry form, 2) I can see in the app how many habits you have logged for the month and 3) (bonus points!!!!) I see that you’re actively tagging in your Instagram/Facebook stories or posts about your challenge updates, or consistently posting in the H2FITCO Facebook group about your challenge updates to hold yourself accountable & motivate others as well. You could be posting about the workouts you’ve crushed, the new H2FITCO recipes you tried, something that’s helping you with your habits for the month, or about any of the monthly goals you set for yourself.

What does the winner get? How much does this challenge cost?

The winner for this month’s challenge will get some of my FAVEEEE items in a prize pack and a supplement stack ($120+ vaue)!! The monthly challenge is included in your monthly membership! So your app membership fee is all it costs to enter this challenge for the chance to win a $200+ prize!

Where can I get the calendar tracker for the month?

They’ll be posted on the H2FITCO instagram page and saved into the ‘May’ highlight. I’ll also be posting them in the Facebook group!

When do I start!?!

This challenge will run the entire month of May! So it officially opens on May 1st (you have until the 8th to COMMIT) and ends on June 2nd. The winner will be announced at the beginning of June!

I think that’s it! If you have any other questions about this month’s challenge, shoot us a message in the app, DM @h2fitco on instagram or email Let’s make this month our best one YET! 👏🏻



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