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Breckenridge Trip Recap

Last weekend we had a little getaway to one of our favorite places: Breckenridge!

As some of you already know, when Eric and I used to live in Iowa, we’d visit Breckenridge regularly for vacations and getaways. Summer, winter, spring, fall - it doesn’t matter, Breck doesn’t disappoint! We actually even got engaged in Breckenridge after hiking our first 14er together. 😊 So needless to say, Breck has a special place in our hearts!

Now back to our trip, we stayed at Beaver Run in a nice little mountain condo. The staff were all super friendly and accommodating and its ski-in/ski-out location on Peak 9 was perfect! Even with the prime location for hitting the slopes, it was still just a short walk to Main Street where all the shops and restaurants are located. The views were also amazing - check out this pic from our bedroom:

We got to Breck Thursday night and I was craving Mexican 🤪 so we hit up Mi Casa, which is located just off Main Street. There was a 45 minute wait, but we found out that there was some open table seating in the bar area so we snagged one of the tables and ordered some white queso, which was highly recommended by Blue Mountain Belle - it was AMAZING. I got the spinach and mushroom quesadillas which were drool-worthy. Topped with a spicy cream sauce, they had just enough bite to bring flavor to the spinach and mushroom filling (which can sometimes be too bland in my opinion) without being too spicy, yanno what I mean?! Eric got the veggie burrito - which was a little bland and probably could have benefited from some of the sauce on my enchiladas (but I wasn’t about to share lol!). He ended up topping it with some of the white queso so it still ended up being pretty dang good.

Friday was spent on the slopes! Typically when we hit Breck (which is practically every other weekend lol), we usually hit peak 8 and peak 9. However, we were on the hunt for some powder and new adventures so we made our way to peak 10, which was a ton of fun. I may have gotten caught in the trees a few times, BUT overall it was great.

Friday night we ventured to one of our Breck staples - Breckenridge Brewery. If you’re heading to the brewery for your first time, be prepared for a wait. It’s definitely one of the most popular restaurants in town, but the food is worth it and you can still try the beers while you wait, so it’s def worth it!

We tried a few of their beers - the sour they had on tap was my fave! Eric also liked the coconut IPA they had as well. Once we got seated, we ordered the crab deviled eggs. They weren’t our favorite, but worth a try! I ordered the elk burger because it’s literally my favorite ever (seriously when we would visit from Iowa, I would go back and CRAVE it!!) - couldn’t recommend it more lol. Eric got the fish and chips and I stole a few of his fries because that’s what wives do😜

Post feasting we made our way to Downstairs at Eric’s which is a little barcade type place in town. We played skee ball, basketball (Eric won both 😭), and Donkey Kong before finally heading back to the condo to hit the hay before our long day of shredding on Saturday!

Saturday was spent on the slopes - literally from first chair to like 4 pm lol. We started on peak 9, then 10 - then over to 8, and then hit 7. I somehow managed to get separated from the rest of the group at this point and they went to peak 6 for a bit before coming back to get me. When we finally left to head back to the condo, I’m pretty sure we were some of the last people on the mountain!

Eric and I were both exhausted by this point and crashed at the condo for a nap before heading to Bangkok Happy Bowl. I needed some vegetables in my life by this point of the weekend so I ordered the Bangkok bowl (stir fry veggies with chicken and rice) which hit the spot and was great to refuel after that long day.

Sunday morning we headed down the mountain back home to Denver! Adventure-filled weekends sure go by quickly, but they’re our favorites. 😊

If you’re heading to Breck in the near future or scoping out a trip, here are a few additional places we love but unfortunately didn’t get to this trip:

Crepes A La Cart - this popular little crepe stand sits just outside the Starbucks on Main Street and ALWAYS has a line. We’ve waited almost 2 hours in the cold before, but trust me when I say it’s always worth it and the line is there for good reason. My favorites are the Nutella crepe and strawberry cheesecake crepe. The crepes are massive. Sure, you could share but once you take your first bite, you’ll definitely wish you had your own!!

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant - I definitely recommend this place in the summer. They have a nice little patio in the back that overlooks the stream that goes through town, which makes for a peaceful dinner! We actually went here for dinner the night we got engaged and ordered the Peak 4 Sushi Plate. It was the perfect amount of sushi for two of us to share and left just enough room to hit Crepes A La Cart for dessert. 😋

French Creek Fitness - this gym rocks. Sure if you’re heading to Breck, you’re likely partaking in activities where you’re expending a decent amount of energy, but if you couldn’t tell by now, I love to workout. You can play whatever music you want over the aux cord and there’s a garage door you can open when it’s nice outside. It has an old school gym vibe and overall is way better than the gym at the hotel or condo you’re staying at. Plus the owner is super nice and extremely accommodating - and who doesn’t like supporting small businesses?!

Alright well that’s a pretty in-depth recap of our favorite little mountain town. Have you been to Breck? What are your favorite spots??

Visiting Breck soon and have questions? Let me know, I could talk about this place all day!

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ahhhh love this! you make me want to visit just for the crepes 🤤

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