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4 Tips to Increase Your Water Intake!💦

Looking at a gallon of water, you might think about how much that really is, and immediately think that it’s impossible to drink that much water in one day. 🤯

Here are some tips and tricks I have found to help to increase my water intake!

1. Drink from a larger bottle. I personally recommend using at least a 32 oz bottle! Then, you only need to refill it 3 more times throughout the day! Having to refill less makes getting all of your water in seem so much more manageable!

2. Add some flavoring. Plain water is just so blah sometimes, so adding some fun flavors can make it more enjoyable! There are so many things you can use to flavor your water like adding fruit, Crystal Light powder or BCAAs.

3. Use a straw! I personally drink so much more water when drinking out of a straw! I will sometimes find myself mindlessly sucking down 32 oz during a 20-30 minute meeting😅

4. Get a head start! Don’t wait until you are thirsty to start on your water! I recommend getting in at least 20 oz before eating or drinking anything else (yes, this includes your coffee😉) and don't wait to focus on your water intake in the afternoon! I find that starting my day off with water makes me feel thirstier throughout the rest of the day, too!

And don't wait til the end of the day to drink your water...because getting up 34679 times in the middle of the night to pee is NOT fun!

Bonus Tip: Drink at least 20 oz with each meal to help you reach your goal throughout the day, too!


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