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"Hannah is an amazing Coach and goes the extra mile to meet your goals. She is honest and just a hardworking human being!! Grateful to work with her..."

- Kerry

"Hannah always makes sure she’s available to answer any questions and makes sure you are performing to the best of your ability. She is just as committed to your process as you are!"


"I took a chance signing up for a personal trainer online. But it has been the best experience with Hannah. She is positive, respectful and full of information. If you have a question, she’s got an answer. She definitely helps you get the results you are are looking for!"


"Hannah has gone above and beyond helping my husband and I kick start some major healthy habits in our life!! Her workouts, nutrition knowledge, and support are always helpful and her upbeat attitude is contagious! She has helped us not just lose weight and gain muscle but taught us that eating more food is actually better and helped us navigate cleaning up our diet to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients we need. Her insights and feedback have lead to HABITS not just a short term diet. She is incredible and I recommend her to everyone I know! Can’t speak higher of this lovely lady!"


"Working with Hannah has been the best thing to happen to me. She's always helpful with any questions I may have regarding Macros or workouts. She pushes me to keep going and not give up. I've seen so much change and progress in my weight and muscle gain since teaming up with her."


"Hannah is so knowledgeable and has been a huge asset throughout my fitness journey. She is supportive, motivating and helps me set attainable goals based on what I’m looking to achieve. She’s the best!"



At H2FITCO, our mission is to create a community of determined women who share a common goal: to build a better version of themselves. We focus on relationships to build a bond of accountability to one another - and foster a community where we can celebrate our wins together.

Our workouts can be modified to be performed at any fitness level and we will show you that you can’t mess this up. You will finally feel in control, find your balance, and become a better version of you.


You don't need to be in shape or know a thing about nutrition to start.


From working with hundreds of women, we've realized that the missing piece of the puzzle for most is consistency. We are here to help you change that. All we ask is that you meet us half way.

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