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yOU ARE the greatest project you will ever work on

Your well-being is everything.

A healthier version of you doesn't always mean 6-pack abs. A healthier version of you is a more confident you. A more energetic you. A version of you that knows anything is possible when it comes to your health, fitness, relationships, professional or personal growth...and together, we will uncover that version of you.


At H2FITCO, our mission is to create a community of determined women who share a common goal: to build a better version of themselves. We focus on relationships to build a bond of accountability to one another - and foster a community where we can celebrate our wins together.

Our workouts can be modified to be performed at any fitness level and we will show you that you can’t mess this up. You will finally feel in control, find your balance, and become a better version of you.


You don't need to be in shape or know a thing about nutrition to start.


From working with hundreds of women, we've realized that the missing piece of the puzzle for most is consistency. We are here to help you change that. All we ask is that you meet us half way.

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